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I am not a tour type of person but I love nerding out on information so much so that my wife and I see being a tourist as another way of saying research project. We love digging into the history, science, culture and other elements of what makes one place different than another. So, when on vacation in Hawai’i earlier this year, we succumbed to the lure of an all-day tour which involves a bus and a guide that jabbers on endlessly.

logoLeaving the Hawai’i Forest and Trail tour company offices just north of Kailuna-Kona, we head out across the island along the saddle road with Taj in command of our day. More than just a tour guide, this gentleman exuded depth of knowledge about all things Hawai’ian from linguistics to volcanology to biology and history. Our twelve-hour day took us across old lava fields, into a native forest, and up to the Thomas A. Jaggar museum overlooking the mouth of Kīlauea and the  fuming vent of the Halema`uma`u crater.

Updated 3/27/2015 to include the name of the tour company and their logo.

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