South Kordofan II

During a month in the Sudanese state of South Kordofan observing the registration period for parliamentarian elections, I spent a lot of time in a Toyota Land Cruiser jiggling my way across expansive and desolate landscape. The beauty of the monotony of the trees and land-forms did not evade me, but because of the security situation especially in this area near to the Darfur border, stopping was hardly ever possible. When something out the ordinary, such as a village or camel came into view I would ask our interpreter who knew the land if it was possible to slow or stop the car. In one particular part of our traveled area, there were frequent camel riders and this photo, shot through the window, always makes me happy as this guy was as excited to see us as I was to see him.

For more photos from this state in Sudan, visit this gallery.

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