Flea Market Vendor

Along Ali’i Drive, the road that runs parallel to the ocean in beautiful Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i, you will find all manner of tourist destinations from art stores showcasing paintings, photography and sculptures with horrendous prices (why are my photos not hung there?) to restaurants of all variety and convenience stores where you can acquire t-shirts, booze and ukuleles, there is a flea market in a parking lot that holds several dozen stalls selling much of the same but at much lower prices.

I wandered the whole thing several times looking for souvenirs, personal decor, and photos. This young man ran a large stand with seemingly a million different objects that tourists lap up all the while keeping up to date on the goings on beyond his tiny square of real estate, out in the ether of the internet. After photographing him a few times both with and without the layers of merchandise in the planes of the image, I chatted with him a bit and then bought a few necklaces to take home and cherish.

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