Kyrygz cloth seller

Starting off a blog series of Central Asian workers, this image of an elderly woman was taken when I was in the southern city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan. On this particular day, I was in the market for cloth to bring back to the US for my mother and began a conversation with this lady. It took a few times before she understood that I was not interested in modern cloth, that coming from Turkey or China and displaying modern patterns. Instead, I wanted the high quality and lovely cloth that was produced during the Soviet Union.

Her gentle smile and birdlike laugh punctuating explanations of the various styles and sizes of raw cloth guided me through the near hour of exploring all my options, picking ten or so, and negotiating a good price.

Since then, most of the cloth has been used in a variety of projects but some still sits in a draw waiting for inspiration to strike and tell us what form the cloth should take.

If you would like to purchase this or any image you see on this site, drop by the shop or feel free to contact me for pricing.

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