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Imagine if you had no choice but to flee your country. Where would you go? How would you cope? What would you need to rebuild your life in exile? These are the questions that three million South Sudanese have had to ask themselves in the face an unrelenting civil war, famine, violence and persecution. And as conflicts across the globe have forced millions to flee their homes, the international debate on refugee policy rages on. How does South Sudan fit into this broader narrative, and what lessons can be learned from its citizens cast into uncertain exile?

~ From the World Affairs Council website

In support of the VAD Foundation, I photographed this World Affairs Council event with speakers  Valentino Achak Deng (Co-founder of the Valentino Achak Deng Foundation), Gabriel Akim (Advisor at Rebuild South Sudan), and Diana Essex-Lettieri (Deputy Director at Asylum Access). Moderating was Jane Wales (CEO of World Affairs and Global Philanthropy Forum; Vice President of The Aspen Institute).

The event was sold out, chairs lined up in rows providing just enough room to shimmy along in a pursuit of a free one.

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