Posted by | October 12, 2014
San Francisco Zoo

Zoos are an interesting place to photograph because the structures both help and hinder capturing the animals. I don't see myself as a nature photographer, but I do have some...

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Posted by | September 1, 2014
Fashion photography

These are oldies but goodies from the vaults. A few years ago I pulled together a few friends in Fresno because I wanted to try to create images in the...

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Posted by | August 30, 2014
Lebanese Festival 2014

In my sleepy town there was the 4th Annual San Francisco Bay Area Lebanese Festival on the square. Above are photos from the Dabkeh performance by the Our Lady of Lebanon...

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Posted by | August 9, 2014
Maker Faire 2014

A Maker Faire is a dizzying event to attend, far too many things to see, too many items to play with, and too many experiences to try to capture in...

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Posted by | June 25, 2014
Where I Live
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Posted by | June 1, 2014
Downtown Rochester

Downtown Rochester New York is a lovely collection of original and re-purposed East Coast architecture, fun to look at, study and photograph. Once the booming town of Kodak, Xerox, Gannett newspapers,...

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Posted by | May 4, 2014
Santa Cruz + Pigeon Point

A beautiful day requires an adventure and again I was pulled to the Pacific Ocean.

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Posted by | May 3, 2014
Santa Cruz

The sun is starting to shine, so off to the beach I went this weekend! It was an excellent mix of good light but not overly harsh sun making for...

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Posted by | March 29, 2014
Stanford University

Stanford University, if you don't get lost in the maze of streets and bicyclists, was a nice place to wander and play around with my favorite lens, recently out of...

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Posted by | March 24, 2014
Middlefield Avenue

I've been exploring my town increasingly, looking for neighborhoods and new stories to tell visually and this took me to Middlefield Avenue, a thoroughfare of Mexican taquerias, stores, carnicerias and...

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