Posted by | August 2, 2012
Levan Gachechiladze

In winter 2007 I went to the former Soviet republic of Georgia to observe their presidential elections for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Office for Democratic Institutions...

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Posted by | February 8, 2012
Khartoum Taxi

Khartoum taxis are always interesting and some times whimsically arty. This mini van was crammed full of articles for navigation and coughed as if it was on its last legs...

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Posted by | September 25, 2011
Zombies on Parade

For years I have heard, read about, seen photos of, and desired to go to a zombie walk but have missed them because they are often not advertised well, or...

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Posted by | April 13, 2011
Astana Kazakhstan

I've been back for almost a week now from a nearly two week trip to the snowy steppe of Kazakhstan. Starting in the capital city of Astana, I was deployed...

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