Posted by | February 26, 2014
Campbell California

My wife and my wanderings took us to Campbell California today to see what this little town west of San José offers, what treasures we have not been privy to,...

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Posted by | January 14, 2014
A weekend in Los Angeles

A few years ago, when I was more into running organized events, some friends and I took a trip down to Los Angeles to compete in a simple 5k sponsored...

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Posted by | October 30, 2013
Murghab through Wakhan Corridor

It's difficult to describe this day though it was full of impressions. That day we left Murghab for Ishkoshim, leaving the mountains of a brown moon for a city on...

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Posted by | September 29, 2013
Terror of a One Year Old

A coworker, while searching for birthday ideas for her son's first birthday, saw a photo of exhausted parents, their infant in multiple places around the kitchen. She approached me to...

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Posted by | January 19, 2013
FURther Confusion 2013

Every year in January, the San Jose Event Center is taken over by Furries, humans who design, build and wear their animal costumes ranging everywhere from naturalistic to fanciful. Just...

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Posted by | October 3, 2012
Palo Alto International Film Festival

Caught up into the fun of volunteering at festivals in 2011, I gave more of my time to the San Jose Jazz festival in the summer where I poured wine...

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Posted by | August 24, 2012
Elections in a Roma village

In June 2008, I volunteered as an election monitor for Asociația Pro Democrația in, if I remember correctly, were local elections. My partner and I were sent to a village just outside...

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Posted by | August 22, 2012
Zombie Walk

For the second year in a row, I successfully attended the San Jose Zombie Walk. This year I had the knowledge of the previous year’s experience to know better where...

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Posted by | August 2, 2012
Levan Gachechiladze

In winter 2007 I went to the former Soviet republic of Georgia to observe their presidential elections for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Office for Democratic Institutions...

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Posted by | February 8, 2012
Khartoum Taxi

Khartoum taxis are always interesting and some times whimsically arty. This mini van was crammed full of articles for navigation and coughed as if it was on its last legs...

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