Posted by | January 18, 2017
Dual identity

Behind the window of an unused room in an old Ottoman fort in the city of Tetovo, Macedonia sit empty bookcases and garbage, remnants of a time when it was used....

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Posted by | January 17, 2017
A hopeful end to the political impasse

A ballot box sits on a table in Tudence waiting to accept the ballot from the conscientious voter who mulls over options in this, the Parliamentary election that was supposed...

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Posted by | January 16, 2017
Waiting on voters

Typically I photography the events inside polling stations. So I was surprised to find that photography in polling stations in Macedonia is restricted except through permission from the Chair of...

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Posted by | January 15, 2017
Albanian-Macedonian Political Party Rally

My first night in Tetovo, a major city in NW Macedonia, was a chilly one, but not cold enough to not head out into town where DUI (Democratic Union for...

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Posted by | January 11, 2017
Crisis in Abyei: Notes From An Observer

Memoir about my six months in the center of Sudan observing the struggle to define the new identity and status of the region of Abyei and the greater Sudan in...

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Posted by | April 1, 2016
Soviet Era Circus
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Posted by | February 13, 2016
Presidential campaign rally

In the current news environment here in the United States, where the presidential candidates vying for attention dominate the news, I thought of all the political campaign rallies I have...

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Posted by | January 27, 2016
Funeral in Lima

In the last few days of my time in Peru, I booked myself onto an Inca ruins tour that took me down south of Lima to an active archaeological site overlooking...

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Posted by | January 12, 2016
Meat seller
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Posted by | October 19, 2015

It's been over four years since I was in Astana, but the memory of this capital city's architecture keeps returning to me. So, when I stumbled upon these photos in...

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