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In my photography, I strive to not just reflect life and the forms around me but to interpret them. Most of my photographs are born out of times of exploration, not just into other cultures or locations, but also within the context of daily life. Bringing my camera to my eye, I aim to tell a story about the interaction of the subject and the viewer. I feel it is important to remember that we, the viewers, are integral participants of a story. This is why you will see in my photographs relationships, either overt or implied. Portraits of people I have chosen to photograph are rarely done without the viewer being acknowledged in the composition. A Sudanese village elder is a willing and knowing participant in the voyeurism that portraiture creates. Compare this to the gazes of Kyrgyz adolescents, their uncertain place inherent in the period of life they are in mirrored in their stance. I never direct, but rather wait for a wordless story to emerge from people’s bodies. Likewise, flowers and other elements of nature are photographed to tell the story of how I see their place compositionally. Once a story is told through the viewfinder, it is molded and amplified in post processing. Sometimes it comes out quickly; well-formed or clear stories are additionally augmented by good plays of color, contrast and definition. I spend more time on the less obvious stories, playing with the controls to choose the visual style that is right for the story that I am trying to bring out. I choose what to distract from or attract attention to, guiding the viewer’s eye along a clear path, showing the elements of the story in harmony or purposeful discordance. Color becomes a tool that I use to accentuate the message’s tone and to provide the viewer with clues to the environment surrounding the subject.

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You can also see my photographs on display at The Main Gallery located at 1018 Main Street in Redwood City, California.



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