Afghan Market

On the outskirts of Khorog Tajikistan, Afghan sellers are allowed to come across a bridge every Saturday to sell their merchandise to buyers in Tajikistan. The Afghan market attracts a lot of attention as buyers can get good prices on goods for personal use or even to resell in stores in Khorog.

I went to this market early in my time in the region purely out of curiosity. While my partner and interpreter relaxed drinking tea, I wandered the small market photographing those who came to sell and those who came to buy. All sales are done in Tajik currency but that money can’t leave the country so must be exchanged into Afghan afghanis on their way out. The area is surrounded by a series of cement buildings and security keep a close eye to make sure that their Afghan guests remain only in the designated area. The vibe was calm and jovial, another sleepy day selling and buying and socializing with their kin who live across a thin bridge that spans the Panj River.