Photography That Tells A Story

In my photography, I strive to not just reflect life and the forms around me, but to interpret them. Most of my photographs are born out of times of exploration, not just into other cultures or locations, but also within the context of daily life and all the joys and struggles it brings. Bringing my camera to my eye, I aim to tell the subject’s story in a way that is dignified and poignant. I feel it is important to remember that we, the viewers, are integral participants of the story.

Returnees to Abyei


A few of the reported 2,000 Ngok Dinka who arrived via caravan to resettle in their homeland of Abyei.

Khorog political rally


University students in an autonomous region of Tajikistan listen to presidential candidates present their positions.

South Sudan Registration


Voters arrive on foot from their villages, sometimes walking for days, to register to vote in the South Sudan referendum.

Jungle Clinic


A young boy gets a tooth removed during a clinic day in his village deep in the Amazon jungle.

Youth in Belén


A teen resident of Belén, the poorest section of the jungle-locked city of Iquitos Peru, from an interview about what it is like growing up in her community which is built above water.

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Voters in Jendouba


Voters stand in line to enter an overcrowded polling station.

Teens in Amazon jungle


Teens are interviewed about the joys and difficulties of growing up deep in the jungle along the Nanay river, a tributary of the Amazon.

Dinka Ngok elder


An elder of the Ngok Dinka is interviewed about his people’s annual struggles with the semi-nomadic pastoralist Misseriya as the splitting of their country approaches.