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Crafting Compelling stories

I’ve been creating beautiful images, heartfelt videos, and efficient websites for years.

Photography / Videography / Writing / Web Design

Why Work With Me?


More than anything else, I enjoy documenting people in their surroundings.


The collection of people uniting in a single activity makes for fascinating stories.


Documenting people during the selection of their future path has been a continuous theme for me since 2002.


The wide view of nature challenges me to see the world around me and my part in it.


The details of the natural world are a common subject for my lens.


I have always felt there is a book in me. Since 2012, I have explored this feeling and published four, including a 316-page memoir of my time in Sudan.

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Chronicling events or environments that are relevant to historical events as well as everyday life.
Capturing the personality of a subject by using effective lighting, environment and posing.
Telling a story about a problem or situation that is in need or receiving aid work attention.
Depicting subjects as a whole or part in an artful manner.

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Products for Sale

This image was shot in the contested autonomous region of Abyei in Sudan and is available for purchase in the shop.

Elder in Abyei, SudanPortrait of a Dinka Ngok elder

This image hung in The Main Gallery in several shows and is available in the shop.

Perception of BokehSilhouette of birds against a vivid sky

This 316-page full-color book is available in print or PDF in the shop.

Crisis in Abyei: Notes from an ObserverMemoir of my experience working in Sudan


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